How to Write a Letter of Intent for Teachers

As requested by the employer, you must submit all the required documents while applying for positions. A few businesses and professions have unique application criteria. One such document is a letter of intent, which is commonly used to apply for teaching employment.

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A letter of intent declaring an applicant’s interest in teaching at a certain school is called an application for a teaching position. They give their employment history, education, and skill set as proof of how they think the school should hire them. Typically, the letter will be written in an official yet intimate tone, including the teacher’s goals for the classroom, motivation, and style of teaching. An interview may be possible after reading the letter of intent for teacher, which may serve as the administration’s first impression of them.

Letter Of Intent For Teacher

How Do I Write A Letter Of Intent (LOI) For Teachers?

To ensure that your letter of intent for a teaching position contains every necessary information and showcases your unique personality, adhere to the following guidelines:

Part 1: Write It To A Certain Individual

Instead of writing “To Whom It May Concern” or “Hiring Manager,” your letter of intent should be sent to a specific individual. Since most schools provide information about their administrative personnel online, you should be able to find the appropriate contact for your application. To find out who is in charge of hiring new teachers, you can also get in touch with the school.

Part 2: Start With An Overview 

Start your letter of intent by giving an overview of yourself and the kind of teaching position you are interested in. This is the part where you should explain your desire to become a teacher and the qualities of your character and experience that make you a great fit for this kind of position. Give the reader a brief overview of yourself so they can decide whether or not to accept you into the organization.

Part 3: Describe Your Educational Background

Your background in education should be described in the parts that follow the area of your letter of intent. It is a good idea to mention the necessary certification and degree even though it is usually assumed that someone applying for a teaching position has these. This is just in case. In the education portion of your letter, please also include any distinctions or awards you have earned while in college. It could be helpful to explain how your interest in teaching developed, particularly if it did so during your time in college.

Part 4: Emphasize Professional Experiences 

If you have never taught before, think about what professional experience would have equipped you for a position like this. For instance, you may describe your experience with training staff in a business environment and highlight your desire to teach and inspire others around you. In this part, highlight all of your relevant professional experience with an emphasis on your most appreciative achievements.

Part 5: Explain Your Teaching Values And Styles 

It conveys more about your character as a teacher when you outline your preferred teaching values and style. Provide details about how you came to hold the values you adhere to when you teach a group of students. You could share an employment experience history or an anecdote about a student who influenced your teaching style. You might also include a quick summary of some of your strongest qualities as an applicant for teaching, such as enthusiasm or patience. Include the details of your teaching style in this part as well, if you have one that might be useful to the readers of the letter. Here is where you may additionally choose to ask for a face-to-face interview.

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Part 6: Finish With A Kind And Positive Remark 

Thank the reader for considering you as a potential applicant for the position by ending your letter of intent in a kind and positive manner. Tell the hiring manager how you want to follow up, including if you want to send an email or give them a call. Your letter’s last line should catch readers’ attention and provide a succinct summary of your skills and experience that highlights your eligibility for the position.

Sample Letter of Intent For Teacher


Insert Region

Insert Division

Insert District

Insert School

Dean XXX
XXX National High School


Greetings of peace and prosperity.

I am [insert your name], writing to express my interest in applying for teaching at the [insert teaching level] level for the school year [insert school year] in [insert school]. I am a licensed teacher passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) conducted last [insert date and year] with a passing rate of [insert passing rate].

I have a strong intent to be a [insert subject] teacher in your school. I finished my bachelor’s degree in [insert school] in [insert date and year] and had previously served as a [insert subject] teacher in [insert school] for [insert years] years.

I am certain that my professional experience, education, and skills will help your school achieve its goals. I honed my skills as a teacher in the discipline I have chosen through the training and seminars I attended during my college years and my teaching experiences. My years of expertise helped me to nurture the minds of the students entrusted to my care to the best of my ability.

I have delivered well-composed and student-centered lesson plans, engaging activities, efficient classroom management, thorough student evaluations, and well-balanced instructional delivery throughout [insert teaching years] years. In the school I attended, I received recognition and awards for my dedication. Although those were undoubtedly the most difficult years of my life, I was really satisfied with my students’ progress. To keep my skilled students engaged without intimidating the less proficient ones, I conducted engaging but equally challenging activities.

My curriculum vitae is attached to this letter, along with the phone numbers of my previous supervisors, for your review.

Seeking a role where my experience will greatly enhance my abilities to be a dynamic and caring teacher who will add value to your school and the community where it belongs is my ultimate goal. I look forward to speaking with you for an interview and hope you will give this application a positive review.


[insert your full name]

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