DepEd Uniforms for Male and Female Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel

The official guidelines on the Department of Education (DepEd) uniform standards have been established to promote a professional and consistent appearance among all teaching and non-teaching personnel within the DepEd. These guidelines serve as a comprehensive resource for educators, administrators, and allied staff members in various DepEd offices.

By adhering to these guidelines, DepEd staff members demonstrate their commitment to representing the department with dignity, pride, and integrity. The guidelines emphasize the importance of projecting a modest and professional image while ensuring freedom of movement and comfort. This document provides detailed information on uniform specifications, exemptions, and the procurement process. It also addresses uniform allowances, accommodations for cultural and religious differences, and introduces a protocol for reporting unapproved uniform solicitation. Familiarizing themselves with these guidelines is crucial for all DepEd personnel to foster a cohesive and professional environment.

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Beginning with the transition period of the School Year (SY) 2021–2022, the Department of Education (DepEd) announces the implementation of the four (4) new sets of DepEd national uniform designs for teaching and two (2) new national uniform designs for non-teaching personnel.

All teaching and non-teaching staff are required to wear the new uniforms starting in SY 2022–2023.

These guidelines contribute to maintaining a standardized and professional appearance among DepEd staff members, reinforcing the department’s commitment to excellence in education.

What is the DepEd Uniform?

The DepEd Uniform is the official set of clothing worn by teaching and non-teaching personnel. As part of DepEd Memorandum 16 series of 2021, a revised guideline on the national uniform was implemented with the main purpose of promoting unity and identity among employees, as well as reflect the organization’s values and principles.

The design of the uniform takes into consideration various factors such as age, body type, and skin tone to ensure that all employees can wear it with comfort and confidence. It also follows a specific color scheme to maintain uniformity among departments and regions.

Executive Committee Guidelines on DepEd Uniform

With all of the following considered into account, the Executive Committee established the guidelines based on the guidance of the DepEd Uniform Committee (DUC), which is made up of employee organizations representing both teaching and non-teaching personnel:

  • Textile materials’ general availability in the marketplace
  • Comfort and durability of the textile materials; the fabric’s quality should be adjustable to the environment and the surroundings of the personnel
  • The general look of the uniform design; should be respectable, radiate modesty and integrity, and be as basic as possible to provide unhindered movement.
  • The design takes into consideration the age, body type, and skin tone of the personnel

No particular fabric will be required as long as it complies with the guidelines included in the design set.

Both teaching and non-teaching personnel should wear ONLY the authorized national uniforms. There won’t be any divisional or regional uniforms for all departments to maintain uniformity.

DepEd Uniform for Female and Male Teaching Personnel

As mentioned, there is a different uniform for female and male teaching personnel during weekdays. However, on Fridays, they are allowed to wear any appropriate office attire of their choice. This gives them the flexibility to express their personal style while still maintaining a professional look.

Please see below for the prescribed DepEd uniform for female and male teaching personnel during weekdays with their corresponding images and description:

Deped Uniform Female Monday

  • Monday: Female
  • Blouse: Olive green with secret pockets
  • Embroidery: Turquoise and pink combination with dark gray piping
  • Zipper: Back; Side
  • Pants: Charcoal gray

deped uniform teaching female mondays

Deped Uniform Male Monday

  • Monday: Male
  • Polo: Moss green
  • Embroidery: Combination of dark green army and live green
  • Pants: Charcoal gray

deped uniform teaching male mondays

Deped Uniform Female Tuesday

  • Tuesday: Female
  • Blouse: Dark clay on the bib accent and light clay in sapphire with midnight weaving
  • Zipper: Back; Side
  • Pants: Midnight blue

deped uniform teaching female tuesdays

Deped Uniform Male Tuesday

  • Tuesday: Male
  • Polo: Crystal teal in full buttons
  • Embroidery: White
  • Pants: Midnight blue pants

deped uniform teaching male tuesdays

Deped Uniform Female Wednesday

  • Wednesday: Female
  • Blouse: Pattern in light gray with a walnut combine on the side
  • Embroidery: Walnut and charcoal gray
  • Pants: Charcoal gray

deped uniform teaching female wednesdays

Deped Uniform Male Wednesday

  • Wednesday: Male
  • Polo: Light brown in half buttons
  • Embroidery: White
  • Pants: Charcoal gray

deped uniform teaching male wednesdays


Deped Uniform Female Thursday

  • Thursday: Female
  • Blouse: Light blue bib with midnight blue piping and dark and light blue stripes mottled with an eggshell pattern
  • Pants: Midnight blue

deped uniform teaching female thursdays

Deped Uniform Male Thursday

  • Thursday: Male
  • Polo: Light blue with a pattern speckled like an egg shell, with midnight blue piping and dark and light blue stripes as a chest accent
  • Pants: Midnight blue

deped uniform teaching male thursdays

Deped Uniform during Friday

Friday: Female and Male

Any appropriate office clothes. It is your choice if you want wear a coat or blazer or not.

DepEd Uniform for Female and Male Non-Teaching Personnel

On another note, non-teaching personnel are expected to wear the following national uniforms:

Non-Teaching Female Uniform Mondays and Wednesdays

  • Monday and Wednesday: Female
  • Blouse: Black and tortilla print, neck line, piping and lining in tortilla and black
  • Zipper: Back; Side
  • Pants: Black

deped uniform non-teaching female mondays and wednesdays

Non-Teaching Male Uniform Mondays and Wednesdays

  • Monday and Wednesday: Male
  • Polo: Earth tone beige in full buttons
  • Embroidery: Combination of light gray and brown and tortilla
  • Pants: Black

deped uniform non-teaching male mondays and wednesdays

Non-Teaching Female Uniform Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Tuesday and Thursday: Female
  • Blouse: Light and dark combination with piping and lining
  • Zipper: Back; Side
  • Pants: Dark gray

deped uniform non-teaching female tuesdays and thursdays

Non-Teaching Male Uniform Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Tuesday and Thursday: Male
  • Polo: Snow white in full buttons
  • Embroidery: Light gray, red and dark gray combination
  • Pants: Dark gray

deped uniform non-teaching male tuesdays and thursdays

Non-Teaching Female Uniform Fridays

  • Friday: Female and Male
  • Any appropriate office clothes. It is your choice if you want wear a coat or blazer or not.


Changes or alterations to the required uniforms (such as long sleeves for female employees instead of short sleeves or skirts instead of slacks) to comply with legal demands related to religion, society, or culture are permitted.

There is no restriction on the purchase or acquisition of the required uniform materials by teaching and non-teaching personnel from central, regional, division, and school personnel as long as they meet the established standards. To get a more fair or discounted price and promote uniformity in the colors and materials of the uniform to be purchased, employee cooperatives, associations, or organizations are encouraged to provide the prescribed DepEd uniform materials to their teaching or non-teaching personnel members, with their consent.

Subject to current accounting and auditing rules and regulations, and upon the release of the Notice of Cash Allocation from DBM, the yearly clothing and uniform allowance for Six Thousand Pesos (P6,000) or whichever amount shall be appropriated in the following budget years for this purpose, will be distributed to all eligible personnel not earlier than the first working day of April of the present year.

Note: The Office of the Secretary Attention: DepEd Uniform Committee, must be notified of any uniform supplier who visits DepEd offices and attempts to negotiate a price for the supply of the DepEd uniforms by using the undersigned or any officer in the CO.

List of Employees Exempt from Wearing the DepEd Uniform

The following personnel are not required to wear the required uniforms:

  • Education administrators holding third-level posts within the Career Executive Service (CES)
  • Employees in the medical and dental fields who will be dressed in uniforms
  • Employees in janitorial, utilities, and maintenance must wear their proper job clothing
  • Lawyers or attorneys, or legal officers, whose line of business requires a different dress code
  • Teaching and non-teaching personnel who have disabilities or other valid health reasons
  • Pregnant employees who are required to wear maternity clothing while they are pregnant
  • Employees who are in mourning, whether teaching or non-teaching, are permitted to dress for mournin

Full PDF File Memo Download

To check out the full memorandum of this update on uniforms for teaching and non-teaching personnel, kindly download the attached PDF file. For a more detailed list of guidelines and standards for DepEd uniforms, please refer to the memo.

Here are images of the memo for your reference:

Important Reminders

Here are some important reminders regarding the DepEd uniform policy:

  • All personnel are expected to wear their uniforms neatly and properly, with no alterations or unauthorized additions.
  • The prescribed national uniforms should only be acquired from authorized suppliers.
  • Non-compliance with the uniform policy may result in disciplinary action.
  • Regional and Division Offices have the authority to check and monitor the compliance of their respective personnel with the uniform policy.
  • Changes or alterations to the required uniforms must be approved by the DepEd Uniform Committee.
  • Any concerns or issues regarding the uniform policy should be reported to the DepEd Uniform Committee for proper action.
  • The DepEd Uniform Committee reserves the right to amend or change the uniform policy as deemed necessary.
  • Wearing the prescribed DepEd uniform not only promotes unity and identity among personnel, but also reflects professionalism and respect for the organization.

With proper adherence to this uniform policy, we can create a more organized, unified, and professional working environment within the organization.

Video: Color of Teacher’s Uniforms

Check out this video by Sir Wyeth’s Classroom on YouTube which features some guidelines and tips on how to properly wear the DepEd national uniform for both teaching and non-teaching personnel. This video also highlights the importance of maintaining a professional image through our uniforms as representatives of the Department of Education.


The DepEd national uniform for teaching and non-teaching personnel is designed to be respectable, modest, and allow for ease of movement. The design takes into consideration the age, body type, and skin tone of the employees. Only authorized national uniforms are allowed to maintain uniformity across all departments. Certain employees may be exempt from wearing the uniform due to their roles or personal circumstances, such as disabilities or pregnancy. The uniform may be altered to comply with religious or cultural demands.

Both male and female employees have specific uniforms for each day of the week, with different color combinations and embroidery.

Now that you know the official Dress Code and Uniform policy of DepEd, you can confidently represent the department with pride and professionalism. Remember, your appearance is a reflection of our organization’s values and standards.


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