Teacher’s Day in the Philippines: When and How to Celebrate

The United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared that teachers play a vital role in helping students of all ages navigate the journey of lifelong learning. This is why we celebrate “World Teachers’ Day” on October 5 each year. Teachers, professors, instructors, and even those who take the classroom outside are outstanding people who help shape the minds of the next generation. We take a moment on this day to honor our teachers as unsung heroes who have contributed to our personal growth and ability to navigate a difficult world.

Although we express appreciation to them, teachers still have to go about their everyday lives. They have to get up early, get ready for class, carry heavy books and papers, supervise students in the classroom, make sure the teachings are retained, and so on.

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Given their dedication, commitment, and role in educating the next generation of leaders and citizens, we contend that they should be honored with a unique holiday once a year. The Senate has proposed that October 5th be observed as National Teachers’ Day in the Philippines and that all teachers be granted a paid day off from work.

Teachers need to take breaks even if they seem to work nonstop—a tiny compensation for all the time they spend educating the students, the next generation.

Teacher's Day in the Philippines

What is Teacher’s Day?

Teachers are honored on Teacher’s Day, which is a special day that may involve events honoring them for their outstanding contributions to the community’s educational environment or a particular field of study.

Students and society as a whole use this day to show their gratitude and admiration for teachers who have devoted their lives to educating the intellectual capacities of the next generation.

Teachers, the school, and the majority of the students create games, programs, and occasionally raffle prizes. Some of the students write their teacher a sincere letter of gratitude, at times including a gift.

Furthermore, some businesses and establishments grant every teacher discounts. By doing this, they express their respect for the outstanding work of all Filipino teachers. There are discounts for all establishments in connection with the use of services in hotels and similar lodging facilities, restaurants, and recreation centers; discounts on admission fees charged by theaters, movie theaters, concert halls, circuses, carnivals, and other similar places of culture, leisure, and amusement; discounts on domestic air and sea travel tickets; discounts on public transportation (such as skyways, trains, and buses); discounts on rice and other goods; and many more.

Teachers can take advantage of the discounts offered by businesses and establishments on Teacher’s Day by presenting their teacher identity cards.

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Senate Bill No. 2058

Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV introduced Senate Bill No. 2058, a bill that declares October 5 of each year as National Teachers Day.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA), and the Department of Education (DepEd) are tasked to develop the Act’s implementing rules and regulations.

The State acknowledges that teachers play a vital part in educating the next generation. Hence, it is only appropriate that the government make sure that teaching draws the best and the brightest by providing excellent wages and benefits to teachers.

All Filipino teachers will take advantage of October 5 of each year as a non-working holiday, provided that they receive their regular wage on that day.

How to Celebrate Teacher’s Day?

There are several ways to celebrate Teacher’s Day. Here are a few ideas:

Express Gratitude

Students can compose a poem, make artwork, or give their teacher a teacher’s day card or present. The secret is to use as much creativity as you can to surprise your teachers with something wonderful!

Use Social Media To Share Your Gratitude

Teachers can be honored with virtual town halls hosted by students and their families, or they can make films thanking them and share them on social media.

Show Them Love And Respect

Sincerely express to them how they’ve helped you succeed and be a better person.

Make A Board Decoration

Another option is to make a board just for this special day. A Teachers’ Day board includes photographs of the teachers you have together with notes from each student.

Have Direct Conversations With Them

Think about getting in touch with your best teachers and telling them how much their influence has shaped your life and professional path. Tell your teacher why their teaching has been so important to you.

Find Out Whether The Teachers Need Your Assistance

Make an effort to assist them as much as you can. They will be pleased by it.

Celebrate With Them

Teachers can also be honored by parents organizing an exclusive party or celebration at the local school.

Organize a Role-Reversal Game

Students may organize a role reversal activity for their teachers. They can pretend to teach like their favorite teachers and take on the role of teacher for a while.

Organize Decorations For Teacher Appreciation Week

Celebrate an entire week of celebration rather than just Teachers’ Day. Some ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week include: – Hang posters, banners, and imaginative displays that honor teachers and their efforts in classrooms or common spaces; these decorations can symbolize teachers’ day.

Students Exhibit

Organize a student exhibition event where students can thank their teachers by exhibiting their accomplishments, projects, or talents. How rewarding it is for them to see the results of all their hard work.

Prepare A Teacher Awards

Make amusing awards that showcase the special traits and dedication of teachers. Highlighting the values that teachers uphold is a wonderful way to honor them.

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Video: Teacher’s Day Celebration in the Philippines 🎉

Watch the YouTube video by Rae Xel Diaries to get a glimpse of how Teacher’s Day is celebrated in the Philippines.

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