DepEd Order 7 Series 2023: Guidelines on Recruitment, Selection and Appointment in the Department of Education

DepEd Order 7, Series 2023, constitutes a significant shift in the hiring, appointment, and promotion process of both teaching and non-teaching personnel within the Department of Education (DepEd). This policy places a substantial emphasis on an individual’s competencies, merits, and overall qualifications. After all, Filipino learners deserve a quality education, and it is the responsibility of DepEd to ensure that only the best and most qualified individuals are hired and promoted within its ranks.

One of the main goals of DepEd Order 7 is to uphold transparency, fairness, and workplace professionalism in the hiring process. This means that all applicants, regardless of their background or connections, will be given equal opportunities to showcase their skills and qualifications.

It ensures a systematized, performance-based process which promotes transparency and fairness. The order comprises detailed guidelines and criteria, including the publication and posting of vacancies, submission and receipt of application documents, evaluation procedures, and finally, the appointment process. Understanding the nuances of this policy is vital for all stakeholders within the education sector.

deped order 7 Guidelines on Recruitment Selection and Appointment in the Department of Education


On March 22, 2023, the Department of Education (DepEd) issued the DepEd Order No. 7 Series 2023 to establish systematized guidelines for recruiting, selecting, and appointing school personnel, including those applying for positions in the Central Office, Regional Offices, and School division offices.

To ensure an equal and proper appointment hiring and deployment process, the department issued the DepEd Order 7 Series 2023, which provides specific guidelines for the recruitment, selection, and appointment of teaching and non-teaching personnel. The policy will guide appointing officers/authorities in hiring suitable candidates based on the Initial Evaluation and Comparative Assessment Results performed by the respective HRMOs and HRMPSB.

What is DepEd Order 7 Series 2023

The DepEd Order 7 Series 2023, entitled the “Guidelines on Recruitment, Selection, and Appointment in the Department of Education” highlights the importance of merit and competence to ensure the provision of quality learning. As per the DepEd Merit Selection Plan, this policy ratifies the principles of competence, fitness, merit, accountability, equal opportunity, and competence. DepEd issued this policy, containing specific guidelines, criteria, and procedures to ensure the proper appointment of people suited to fulfill the job.

The policy cited related orders, issuances, rules, and regulations, amended, repealed, or revoked as they are contracting with DepEd Order 7 Series 2023 and its provisions. Therefore, the DepEd Order 7 Series 2023 can help stakeholders perform a standardized and performance-based process in recruiting, selecting, and appointing teaching and non-teaching personnel.


By implementing this policy, the department aspires to realize the following:

  • Guide personnel and stakeholders in implementing a systematized and performance-based recruitment, selection, and appointment process.
  • Ensure the proper deployment of personnel fitted to perform the job.
  • Assure that the organization and its workforce are proficient enough to react to the difficulties and opportunities of the present day.
  • Provide basic education that is available, suitable, and liberating.

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Guidelines on Recruitment, Selection, & Appointment in the Department of Education

Covered & Excluded Positions

Under the DepEd 7 Series 2023, the following must comply with the guidelines of hiring and promoting personnel to positions in the First and Second levels, which includes the executive or managerial positions in the Second level:

  • Human Resource Management Officers (HRMOs)
  • Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB)
  • Central Office (CO), Regional Offices (ROs), Schools Division Offices (SDOs), and schools and community learning centers (CLCs) appointing authorities, officers, applicants, and other stakeholders

Also, DepEd clarified that this policy covers the following positions:

  • Teacher I positions in the Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High School (JHS), and Senior High School (SHS) levels
  • School Administration (SA) positions
  • Related-Teaching (RT) positions
  • Non-Teaching (NT) positions

Note that this policy covers any new position in the First and Second levels created after the DepEd Order 37 Series 2023 issuance. On the other hand, this order does not govern the following positions:

  • Higher teaching positions in the Kindergarten, Elementary, JHS, and SHS
  • Career Executive Service (CES) position

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A. Publication & Posting of Vacancies

The provisions and implementing rules and regulations of the Republic Act (RA) No. 7041 or “An Act Requiring Regular Publication of Existing Vacant Positions in Government Offices, Appropriating Funds Therefor, and for Other Purposes” mandates that vacant positions in all levels under the governance of DepEd, including vacant executive or managerial positions in the second-level, be published on the Civil Service Commission (CSC)  website. Also, the vacant positions should be in at least three (3) noticeable places for ten (10) calendar days.

B. Submission & Receipt of Application Documents

Whether internal or external, all interested applicants to vacant positions in DepEd should submit the following requirements to corresponding HRMOs via the Records Division/Section/Unit or Head of Office designated sub-committee on or before the deadline, if applicable:

  • Letter of intent addressed to the Head of Office or the designated higher human resource officer
  • Duly accomplished PDS (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017) with Work Experience Sheet
  • Photocopy of valid and updated PRC License/ID
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Eligibility/Rating
  • Photocopy of academic records, such as, but not limited to, Transcript of Records (TOR) and Diploma, including completion of graduate and post-graduate units/degree
  • Photocopy of Certificate/s of Training
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Employment, Contract of Service, or duly signed Service Record
  • Photocopy of latest appointment
  • Photocopy of the Performance Rating in the last rating period, which covers one (1) year of performance in the current/latest position before the deadline for submission
  • Checklist of Requirements and Omnibus Sworn Statement on the Certification on the Authenticity and Veracity (CAV) of the documents submitted and Data Privacy Consent Form, notarized by authorized official
  • Other documents required by the HRMPSB for comparative assessment, including but not limited to:
    • Means of Verification (MOVs) showing Outstanding Accomplishments
    • Application of Education
    • Application of Learning and Development

C. Initial Evaluation of the Qualifications of Applicants

Once HRMO receives the applications, they will conduct an initial evaluation of the applicants, assessing whether or not they meet the minimum qualifications for the requirements of Education, Training, Eligibility, Competency, and Experience. Then, HRMO will prepare a duly signed Initial Evaluation Results (IER), submitted to the Human Resource Merit Promotion and Selection Board (HRMPSB) for deliberation.

D. Comparative Assessment of Applicants

The HRMPSB will then perform an Evaluative Assessment of applicants, determining the most qualified candidates for the vacant position. Since this policy provides the implementation of a systematized and performance-based process, the HRMPSB will implement a Criteria and Point System for Evaluative Assessment for the hiring and promotion of the following positions:

  • Teacher I (Kindergarten to Grade 12) positions
  • School Administration (SA) positions
  • Related-Teaching (RT) positions
  • Non-Teaching (NT) positions

E. Appointment

Finally, the appointing officer or authority will use the report provided by the HRMPSB to make sound discretion in selecting the most qualified candidate for appointment. If there are multiple vacant positions, the appointing officer will choose from the top candidates highlighted by the HRMPSB.

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DepEd Guidelines on Order 7 PDF File Document Download

If you want to view a copy of the full DepEd Order 7 Series 2023, you can download the PDF file here:

This file includes all the guidelines, requirements, and clarifications for the hiring of teaching and non-teaching personnel in DepEd. It is an essential document to read for those applying or promoting within the department. Make sure to understand and follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and fair process for all applicants.

By following these guidelines, DepEd hopes to improve the quality of education in the country by hiring and promoting competent and qualified personnel to serve in their schools.

Video: Clarifications on DepEd Order No. 7 s. 2023 re Hiring of Teachers

To learn more about DepEd Order 7 Series 2023, watch the video below:

As stated in the video, the issuance of DepEd Order 7 Series 2023 raised a lot of implications and questions for teacher applicants, including those already in the service. Since this policy contains new guidelines, the department issued an Omnibus Clarification and Guidance on DepEd Order 7 Series 2023. Under the said clarifications, DepEd disclosed the positions covered by the policy, including its exclusions.

DepEd clarified other matters regarding the hiring arrangements of teachers, from the Status Quo of DOST Scholar Graduates to the Renewal of SHS Teachers. Thus, understanding this policy is essential to teaching and non-teaching personnel, teacher applicants, and other stakeholders.


In summary, the issuance of DepEd Order 7 Series 2023 is necessary to provide quality education since it focuses on the competence and merit of applicants when appointing, hiring, and promoting teaching and non-teaching personnel. It also provides clear guidelines, criteria, and procedures, which are essential to implement a fair and proper appointment of people. Therefore, the department’s personnel and other stakeholders should ensure the implementation of this policy.

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