DepEd School Form 2 (SF2): Daily Attendance Report of Learners

The Department of Education (DepEd) School Form 2, commonly known as SF2, is a type of School Form created to provide a structured daily attendance report for learners, offering a clear and consistent method for tracking student attendance, including absences and incidences of tardiness, throughout the school year. This form is an essential component for class advisers, as it facilitates the meticulous documentation of each student’s daily presence or lack thereof, which contributes to identifying patterns, ensuring compliance, and supporting the overall educational mandate of maintaining accurate school records.

The form includes detailed sections such as School ID, Learner’s Name, Grade Level, Section, and attendance codes, which must be properly filled out by educators. It is intended for use by class advisers and educational administrators who are responsible for maintaining up-to-date attendance records. Additionally, the DepEd SF2 provides a comprehensive overview of monthly attendance summaries, late enrollments, and overall registration status, enabling educational stakeholders to monitor the progress and engagement of learners effectively. With the subsequent sections of this document, users can expect a thorough guide on correctly filling out the form, as well as resources available for download and additional support channels provided by the Department of Education for efficiently managing the daily attendance report system.

deped sf2 school form 2 daily attendance

What is DepEd School Form 2?

DepEd School Form 2 or SF2 is commonly known as the Daily Attendance Report. This is a record of the learners’ daily attendance, including any absences or tardiness. It summarizes the total number of learners officially enrolled in the school as of the current month’s last day of classes (including those who have transferred in).

The class adviser must fill SF2 every day during school hours and submit it, partially manually and partially through LIS, to the principal’s or registrar’s office by the fifth day of the following month at the latest.

Every school’s class adviser is mandated by the Department of Education (DepEd) to update their DepEd school form 2 (SF2) each school day. This procedure is carried out to reduce the amount of resources needed for maintaining records and provide learners with a reliable way to track their daily attendance.

What is the Purpose of DepEd School Form 2?

To keep track of each learner’s daily attendance, absences, and tardiness, the class adviser fills out the DepEd SF2. This is the summary of the learner’s daily attendance record.

DepEd School Form 2

The learner’s daily attendance report must be recorded by the class adviser.

  • School ID:  It is a six-digit number assigned to each registered school by the Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS).
  • School Year: It is a period given to institutions for regular classes.
  • School Name: This is the institution’s legal name as it appears in the DepED and EBEIS databases.
  • Report for the Month of: This is the month that the attendance report covers.
  • Grade Level: A learner’s degree or level determined by age and progress.
  • Section: Students in this group have been arranged to receive instruction in a particular class or subject.
  • Learner’s Name: This is the name that appears on the learner’s birth certificate or other official document. It needs to be written with the correct Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name.
  • Date: It is the day of the month and the school day being reported. The following codes will be used for checking attendance: (blank) for present; (x) for absent; and tardy (half shaded = Upper for late start, Lower for cutting classes).
  • Total for the Month-Absent: This is the total number of all the learners’ reported absences for the month.
  • Total for the Month-Tardy: This is the total number of all the learners who reported absent or arrived late to class (including cutting sessions) for the month.

Remarks: This is further details regarding the condition or status of the learner.
If the learner has dropped out, please indicate the reason or causes. If the learner has transferred in or out, indicate the school’s name..

DepEd School Form 2

  • Enrolment as of (1st Friday of June): This refers to the total number of learners enrolled as of June 1st.
  • Late Enrollment during the month: These are the learners who reported to class after the BoSY cutoff. This isn’t the overall total; it just shows how many late enrollees there were in the month that was reported.
  • Registered Learner as of the end of the month: This is the total number of learners who have been formally enrolled and registered (including those who have transferred in) as of the last day of teaching for the month reported. It isn’t allowed to add learners who are dropped or transferred out throughout the month or before the last day of teaching.
  • Percentage of Enrollment as of the end of the month: This shows the percentage (%) of learners who have registered.
  • Average Daily Attendance: This is the average number of learners who showed up to class each day for the reported month.
  • Percentage of Attendance for the Month: This shows the percentage (%) of attendance in the current month.
  • Number of students absent for 5 consecutive days: This is the total number of students who missed five (5) days in a row of classes. It can be used as a basis for home visits.
  • Drop out: This is the total number of learners, sorted down by gender (Male and Female), who dropped school before finishing the required grade level during the designated school year. The learners shouldn’t be counted against the overall enrollment as of that date.
  • Transferred Out: This refers to the total number of learners, sorted down by gender (Male and Female), who, as shown by a request for a permanent record (Form 137), left one school to enroll in another. The learners shouldn’t be counted against the overall enrollment as of that date.
  • Transferred In: This is the total number of learners, broken down by gender (Male and Female), who went from one public or private school to another. The learners who transferred in must be included in the total number of learners reported at the end of the month.
  • Signature of Teacher over Printed Name: This is the name and signature of the teacher who filled out the forms.
  • Signature of School Head over Printed Name: This is the school head’s name and signature confirming that this form is correct.

Download SF2 Form PDF File Template

You can get the DepEd School Form 2 EXCEL/PDF file from the DepEd website page in your region. You can check out the link below to download the DepEd School Form 2 in PDF file format. This template can be used as a guide and reference for class advisers to accurately fill out SF2 forms manually.


DepEd School Form 2

DepEd School Form 2

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