DepEd School Form 3 (SF3): Books Issued and Returned

The DepEd School Form 3 (SF3), also referred to as the Books Issued and Returned Form, is a type of school form intended to facilitate an organized tracking of textbooks and reading materials transaction between the school and the students. This form encompasses a comprehensive list, including the book titles issued and subsequently returned by the students, serving as a crucial tool for class advisers to manage and monitor the distribution and recovery of learning assets accurately.

Class advisers in schools across the Philippines are the principal users of this form, responsible for its maintenance at pivotal times during the academic year—specifically at the beginning and the closing. The SF3 aids in ensuring accountability and upkeep of the educational resources, functioning as both a record keeper for the school’s inventory and as a reflection of each student’s responsibility concerning their study materials. Those engaging with this document can expect detailed sections that capture relevant data such as the issuance and return dates, book condition, and follow-up actions if necessary. This structured approach to record management underscores the priority given to educational resource stewardship within the Philippine school system.

deped sf3 school form 3

What is DepEd School Form 3?

The Books Issued and Returned Form is also known as DepEd School Form 3, or SF3. The form will consist of lists of books and other reading materials that have been issued to learners and then returned to the institution.

The class adviser is tasked to create this list of books (arranged by title) that learners have received or returned. It needs to be prepared, in part manually and in part through LIS, at the beginning of the school year (BoSY) and end of the school year (EoSY). It is essential to record the usage of every book and reading material regardless of the number of books in each subject area.

The Department of Education (DepEd) requires the class adviser at every institution to update the DepEd school form 3 (SF3) at both the beginning and the end of the academic year. This process is implemented to maintain the records of the books that are issued and returned to each class in the institution.

What is the Purpose of DepEd School Form 3?

DepEd School Form 3 is used to keep track of all the books maintained by the institutions. This will serve as a tracking record for every learner’s book that is received and returned.

DepEd School Form 3

The class adviser must keep track of the books and reading materials that each student receives and returns.

  • School ID: The Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS) issues a six-digit number – that is known as school ID – to each officially accredited school.
  • School Name: As listed in the DepEd and EBEIS databases, this is the official name of the educational institution.
  • School Year: It’s the time frame that educational institutions use for regular classes.
  • Grade Level: The degree or level of a learner defined by age and advancement.
  • Section: This group of students is set to receive teaching in a specific class or subject.
  • No: It’s the learner’s listed numerical number count on the form.
  • Learner’s Name: This is the name that shows up on any official documentation, such as a birth certificate. Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name should be written correctly.
  • Subject Area & Title: It is the title of the book that each student receives or returns. It ought to also reflect the subject area of the book.
  • Date Issued: It is the day the learner received their allocated book.
  • Date Returned: It is the day the learner returned the book that was allocated to them. (If there are any losses or unreturned items, the relevant code (FM=Force Majeure, TDO: Transferred/Dropout, and NEG=Negligence) must be recorded in this column.

Remark/Action Taken: This is further information on the condition of the books that were issued and returned by the learners. The codes to use are:

DepEd School Form 3

  • Total for Male | Total Copies: This is the total number of books that the teacher has given to the male learners.
  • Total for Female | Total Copies – This is the total number of books that the teacher has given to the female learners.
  • Total for Learners | Total Copies: This is the total number of books that both male and female learners have received and returned to the teacher.
  • Prepared by: This indicates the name of the class adviser who created the form. The teacher’s printed name on the form is required below the signature.
  • Date BoSY (Beginning of the School Year): This is the date on which the academic year officially begins. Day-Month-Year must be used in the date format.
  • Date EoSY (End of School Year): This is the date that the academic year comes to an end. Day-Month-Year must be used in the date format.
  • School Form 3: Page 2 of: This is the form’s number page.

Download SF3 Template PDF File

If you need to get a copy of the DepEd School Form 3 in its PDF format, use the link below.


DepEd School Form 3

DepEd School Form 3

Video: SF3 School Form 3 in the New Normal

Watch this video tutorial from Teacher Vin to learn how to fill out the DepEd School Form 3 correctly.

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