DepEd School Form 1 (SF1): School Register Form

The DepEd School Form 1 is a type of school form that contains the basic information about a student, such as name, date of birth, address, and ethnic group. It also includes important details about the student’s educational background, including their previous schools attended and academic performance. It is a comprehensive data gathering tool, is integral to the Department of Education‘s commitment to maintaining accurate and up-to-date student records.

Intended for use by educators across the Philippines, this form ensures that every student’s academic journey is meticulously documented. With specified fields for personal, educational and demographic information, it encapsulates a holistic snapshot of the learner’s profile. From basic identifiers like name and age to more detailed entries such as mother tongue and ethic group, this form is detailed and inclusive, designed to cater to the diverse student population and their various needs.

Class advisers and school administrators are the primary users of this form, requiring them to fill out each section with precision and care. The School Form 1 includes sensitive student information that plays a key role in personalizing and enhancing the educational experience. It not only serves as a critical point of reference for current academic needs but also aids in future planning and development within the educational system. Stakeholders can anticipate a structured, systematic approach to capturing student data that is essential for educational progress tracking, administrative requirements, and policy-making.

deped sf1 school form 1 explained

What is DepEd School Form 1?

It is sometimes called the School Register Form, or School Form 1 (SF1). It includes a list of every student who is formally enrolled.

The class adviser is responsible for creating this master list of students enrolled through LIS at the beginning of the school year (BoSY) and as needed thereafter.

DepEd requires all schools to update their DepEd school forms 1 (SF1) at the beginning of the school year (BoSY). This is done to cut down on resources used for records administration and provide an effective verification method for the student’s enrollment information.

What is the Purpose of DepEd School Form 1?

The class adviser prepares the DepEd SF1 at the Beginning of the School Year (BoSY) to have a general list of all the learners enrolled for the academic year. This serves as a summary of all enrolled students’ important information as well.

SF1 is significant because it helps make more efficient the management of student information. It serves as a primary document for tracking and monitoring student progress, ensuring accurate data is available for educational planning and decision-making processes.

Data Information

The class adviser needs to give all learners complete information about the reported summary data.

  • School ID: The Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS) assigns a six-digit number to each school that is registered.
  • School Name: This is the official name of the institution as listed in the EBEIS and DepED databases.
  • Division: The office division that is included in the jurisdiction of a school board.
  • School Year: This is the period allotted for institutions to provide daily teaching.
  • District: This is the region that the institution is located in within the country, city, or town.
  • Grade Level: A learner’s degree or level that is categorized based on their progress and age.
  • Section: It is a group of students that has been organized to receive teaching in a particular class or subject.
  • Learner Reference Number (LRN): It is the twelve-digit number that the learner will retain throughout the basic education program, regardless of promotion or advancement to the secondary level, transfer to another public or private school, or learning center.
  • Name: This refers to the name of the learner as it shows on their birth certificate or other comparable document. It must be written in Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name accordingly.
  • Sex: It is the learner’s biological and physiological sex as shown on their birth certificate or other comparable documents. It must be written in F-for female and M-for male.
  • Birth Date: This is the learner’s actual birthdate as shown on their birth certificate or other comparable documents. It must be written in Month-Date-Year format.
  • Age as of 1st Friday, June: This is the learner’s actual age in years as of their most recent birthday by June 1st Friday of the academic year.
  • Mother Tongue: It is the learner’s first language. At the moment, DepEd instructs in 19 mother tongues: Sambal, Akeanon, Kinaray-a, Yakan, Hiligaynon, Waray, Bahasa Sug, Maguindanaoan, Maranao, Chavacano, Ivatan, Iloko, Sinurigaonon, Bikol, Ibanag, Tagalog,  Sinugbuanong Binisaya, Pangasinan, and Kapampangan.
  • IP (Ethnic Group): It is the learner’s ethnic group – a collection of individuals or homogeneous societies that are recognized by their self-ascription as well as by the ascription of others, and who have consistently resided as an organized community on territory that has been designated and bounded by the community.
  • Religion: This refers to the learner’s personal religious beliefs. Under this column, “Islam” will be written rather than “Muslim” for those who are inclined that way.


  • House #/Street/Sitio/Purok: This designates the address where the learner is currently residing.
  • Barangay: It is the learner’s residence, which is a small territorial and administrative district that makes up the lowest tier of government.
  • Municipality/City: It is the learner’s home city or town of local government and corporate status.
  • Province: It is the learner’s region or administrative district in the country.


  • Father’s Name: This is the learner’s father’s name as it appears on their birth certificate or other comparable documents. It must be written in Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name accordingly.
  • Mother’s Maiden Name: This is the learner’s mother’s maiden name as it appears on their birth certificate or other comparable documents. It must be written in Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name accordingly.

Guardian (if not parent)

  • Name: It refers to the full name of the individual in charge of the learner’s welfare on the parents’ behalf. It must be written in Last Name, First Name, and Middle Name accordingly.
  • Relationship: It refers to the relationship that connects the guardian and the learner.
  • Contact Number of Parent or Guardian: This is the learner’s parent’s or guardian’s contact information.

Remark(s): These are the extra details regarding the learner’s status or specific condition.

DepEd School Form

SF1 Template Download File Template

The DepEd School Form 1 EXCEL/PDF file is available for download on the DepEd website page in your region. If you need the PDF version, please send a request to your respective division offices. For reference, here’s a link to a sample of the SF1 template in PDF format:

The Excel file can be downloaded by class advisers at institutions. The SF1 must be kept updated throughout the academic year. Any changes or modifications in learners’ information should be reflected immediately to ensure accurate and up-to-date data.

DepEd-School-Form-1 SF1 deped school form 1 sf1

Video: SF1 Instructions on How to Format

Watch Gavino Tan’s instructional video to learn how to correctly format the DepEd School Form 1.

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