DepEd Form 138 Explained: How to Get a Copy

The Department of Education (DepEd) maintains various forms to manage student records and facilitate administrative processes. Among these, Form 138, now officially known as School Form 9 (SF9), is a crucial document for students. It encapsulates academic performance and progress throughout the year and is frequently required for applications including enrollment, employment, and scholarship opportunities.

With the restructuring and modernization of the educational system, particularly with the K-12 curriculum, DepEd has updated Form 138 to SF9. This change aligns with the department’s goal to streamline services and enhance the manageability of students’ academic records. Hence, throughout this document, when referring to Form 138, it is synonymous with the current School Form 9 (SF9).

deped form 138

What is the DepEd Form 138?

The school produces Form 138 to let parents know more about their child’s academic development. Only the learner’s current school and/or the school to which they plan to transfer have physical copies of Form 138. A learner enrolling in the next grade level must also submit Form 138, which is necessary since it shows the learner’s promotional status.

Form 138, currently called SF9, is a report card that provides an overview of the learner’s performance in a variety of subjects and character traits throughout all four grading periods. It indicates their attendance, grades, and eligibility for grading up. Along with the student’s name, age, grade, section, and attendance history, it also has an area for signatures and remarks from parents and the principal.

The class adviser will prepare Form 138/SF9 every quarter.

Form 138/SF9 is an important record because it is typically needed for employment, education, and scholarship applications.

How to Request for Form 138 from DepEd

Here’s the step-by-step guide to request Form 138/SF9 from DepEd.

Step 1: Compose a request form to get your Form 138/Sf9. Yet a request form can be obtained from your new employment or school.

Step 2: Request Form 138/SF9 from the registrar or records office of the school you attend.

Step 3: Fill out the form with the details that are needed.

Step 4: Submit the completed form back to the records office or registrar.

Step 5: Wait patiently for the forms processed and mailed to you.

Sample Request Letter for Form 138

This is a sample letter that can be used to request Form 138:

Your Name

Name of your School

To Whom It May Concern, Good Day! I am _________, asking for my Form 138 that will be used on my employment. I am asking for your active response.

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Over printed name with signature


Form 138 Authorization Letter Sample

If you are unable to get Form 138 in person, here is a sample authorization letter:

Your Name

Name of your School

Greetings! I am writing this letter to (your name) to inform you that, despite a personal situation preventing me from getting my Form 138 directly, I have granted (authorized person’s name) a permission to get it from your remarkable school. I will use the Form 138 for my employment. I am asking for your active response. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Over printed name with signature

Form 138 Authorization Letter Sample in Tagalog

If you are unable to get Form 138 in person, here is a Tagalog sample of authorization letter:

Pangalan mo

Pangalan ng iyong Paaralan

Pagbati! Ako si (pangalan mo), sinusulat ko ang liham na ito upang ipaalam sa iyo na, sa kabila ng isang personal na sitwasyon na pumipigil sa akin sa direktang pagkuha ng aking Form 138, binigyan ko si (pangalan ng awtorisadong tao) ng pahintulot na makuha ito mula sa iyong kahanga-hangang paaralan. Gagamitin ko ang Form 138 para sa aking trabaho. Salamat!

Taos-puso sa iyo,

Pangalan at pirma sa itaas

Form 138 Samples

Form 138 is available in two forms; old and new. Before the K–12 Basic Education Program was put into place, the old Form 138 was used, and students who are currently enrolled in senior high school (SHS) use the new Form 138.

Using the link below, you may view and download the Automated School Form 9 (SF9)/Form 138.

Here’s a sample Form 138 from School Division of Negros Occidental.

deped form 138 front part report card

Front Page

deped form 138 report card sample

Back Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding “DepEd Form 138”.

1. What’s the difference between Forms 137 and 138?

Form 137 is usually used for school-to-school transactions and employment. Your initial school will send or mail your records to the new institution you’re applying to or transferring to, upon request. Form 138 is a reference to the student’s record for that specific year.

2. What is the purpose of Form 138/SF9?

The Report Card, also known as Form 138/SF9, is an essential record as it serves as a means for the school to monitor the academic advancement of its students. The majority of Form 138 is composed of the student’s grades. The academic performance is shown to your school by your grades. Good marks indicate that you are performing well academically. Your school can become concerned about your academic advancement if your grades are not so great.

3. Is Form 138 required for enrollment?

As it also shows the learner’s promotional status, Form 138 is a necessary document at the end of the school year for a student enrolling in the next grade level.

4. Is it possible for me to get an additional copy of my Form 138?

The Report Card or Form 138 that is lost or damaged may be replaced with a certification. It is necessary to submit a written request and an Affidavit of Loss or Damage. The form will be available in three (3) to four (4) business days.

5. Do I need Form 138 for transferring to another school?

Yes. As per DepEd order No. 03, s. 2018, learners from primary public and private schools who require a transfer must hand in their Form 138/SF9 (popularly known as Report Card) or a letter from the school registrar attesting to the student’s completion of the last grade level, signed by the school, to the receiving school.

For more information, you can reach DepEd below:



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