DepEd Form 137 Explained: How to Get a Copy

In recent updates to academic record-keeping, the Department of Education has redesignated Form 137. It is now known as the “School Form 10” or “SF10” form. This change is to standardize the records across different levels and to simplify the identification process of student records. As with its predecessor, the SF10 form continues to detail the student’s academic achievements and extracurricular involvements throughout their educational career.

Form 137 is a permanent school record that contains the student’s past academic and extracurricular activity information. It serves as a reflection of the student’s performance for the specified grading period and grade level and is sent to the parents and learners.

deped form 137

What is the Form 137?

Form 137 has a new version known as SF10. SF10 will only show the official DepEd seal and logo to maintain simplicity. When a student transfers to a different school, this will provide consistency and uniformity and reduce the number of stapled forms or even the need to rewrite the same information on school-customized Form 137. Form 137 or SF10, must be used by students in all other grades until they have completed grades K–12.

The overall average and the final grade for every subject are given as whole numbers. Comments in the final grade for each subject area will state a pass or fail. The failing grade, together with the failed action, will be written in black ballpoint pen. Black ballpoint pens are used for Retained and Promoted in the General Average. Class Advisor’s initial will be placed next to the General Average.

How to Request for Form 137 from DepEd

Step 1: Create a request form for requesting your Form 137.

On the other hand, you can get a request form from your new school or employer.

Step 2: Go to the clerk or registrar of the learner’s new school or employer where you plan to use the document and ask for the Form 137/SF10 request Request Form (Re-issuance for Form 137).

Step 3: The clerk/registrar will prepare the request form and get the director/head registrar to sign it.

Step 4: They will dry seal it after signing and put it in an envelope with the school’s address on it.

Step 5: The registrar/clerk will ask you to hand-carry the document and submit it to the appropriate school so that Form 137 can be released right away.

Step 6: The clerk/registrar will get the release logbook and request your signature.

Step 7: Visit the DepEd office during business hours and three hours before closing time, as they sometimes set aside time for documents processing.

Step 8: Submit the request form to the record’s clerk or registrar.

Step 9: Sit down and wait for the record’s clerk or registrar to call your name.

Step 10: Receive your Form 137/SF10.

See sample Form 137/SF10 below:

deped form 137 template sample

Sample Request Letter for Form 137

Here’s a sample request letter to request Form 137:

Your Name

Name of your School

Greetings! I am (your name), graduate of (your school) batch (year). I am requesting a certified true copy of my Form 137 for (reason).

Thank you, and I hope you respond positively.

Very truly yours,

Over printed name with signature

Form 137 Authorization Letter Sample

Here’s a sample authorization letter if you cannot request Form 137 in person:

Your Name

Name of your School

To whom it may concern, I am (write your name here) writing this letter to let you know that, although I am unable to get my Form 137 directly due to a personal issue, I have given permission (name) to get it from your outstanding school. I hope for your kindness and consideration. Thank you!


Sincerely yours,

Over printed name with signature

Form 137 Authorization Letter Sample in Tagalog

Here’s the sample authorization letter in Tagalog for requesting Form 137:

Pangalan mo

Pangalan ng iyong Paaralan

Kung kanino ito maaaring pag-aalala, ako (isulat mo ang iyong pangalan dito), ay sumusulat upang ipaalam sa iyo na nagbibigay ako ng awtorisasyon kay (pangalan) upang makuha ang aking Form137 sa iyong paaralan, hindi ko lang ito makuha ng personal dahil sa personal na dahilan. Inaasahan ko ang iyong pagintindi at pagsasaalang-alang. Maraming Salamat!

Taos-puso sa iyo,

Pangalan mo na may malalaking titik at pirma sa itaas


How to Get Form 137 from DepEd Online

You can download the SF10 MS excel worksheet format for free from LIS website.

Step 1: View and open the link for the DepEd forms here –

Step 2: Scroll down until you reach the Downloads portion.

Step 3: Click the appropriate SF10 of the learner.

Step 4: Take the Learner Profile and LRN from the LIS-generated SF10 and paste them in. For the current school year, the grade/final rating, remarks, and general average can all be typed in (computer-encoded) along with the necessary school information. You can complete it by hand if there are extreme conditions (no electricity or computer); before anything else, seek technical support or assistance from SDO.

Step 5: Avoid printing SF10 on hard bond paper. Not only is hard bond paper pricey, but it is also difficult to mail via courier because it cannot be folded. If the bond paper can be printed on a standard printer, regular long or legal-size bond paper will work perfectly.

Note: The learner’s picture and the school logo should not be on the SF10.


The Learner Information System (LIS) offers FREE downloads of official school forms especially Form 137/SF10 that are ONLY available to schools.

Inform the Planning Service, the Undersecretary for Planning and Field Operations Office, and the LIS/EBEIS Helpdesk of any instances of the not authorized use and sale of School Forms.

A revision or adjustment to the Form 137/SF10 may be essential if the signatories have changed and the name or other information has changed, making it impossible to produce a new Form 137/SF10. Still, the current school head’s signature must be present.

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