LIS DepEd Guide: Learner Information System Guide

Whether private or public, personnel of educational institutions are always busy with the enrolment process before the school year starts. From checking every student’s school records to ensuring they qualify for enrolment or acceleration. Once the school year ends, they should also update the learner’s enrolment status, making it easier to identify students who transferred, dropped out, or finalized the class. That’s where the Department of Education (DepEd) Learner Information System (LIS) comes in to make the process efficient and convenient.

The DepEd LIS is an online portal for personnel from private and public schools, colleges, universities, and ALS. DepEd launched this portal to provide a facility wherein schools can create and access records of learners across the Philippines. It’s a secure and innovative solution to manage enrolment, classes, and each learner’s academic record. In this portal, users can access the Masterlist of learners, check the List of Classes, and download the latest School Forms. To learn more about this portal, read on as we share what DepEd LIS is, its purpose, and its features.

lis deped guide explained learner information system

What is DepEd Learner Information System (LIS)

Launched by the Department of Education (DepEd) in 2011, the Learner’s Information System (LIS) is an online facility that helps streamline the registration of learners enrolled in DepEd-accredited/licensed public and private schools, including state/local universities and colleges (SLUCs), and Alternative Learning System (ALS). Since its introduction, the DepEd LIS has assisted in determining the total enrolment per school year based on the accurate registration of learners. In short, the DepEd LIS serves as a national registry for enrolled learners in the Philippines.


The Department launched the DepEd LIS to achieve the following objectives:

  • Help DepEd to determine the total and actual number of enrollees per school year
  • Manage information and promote transparency, well-informed decisions, and authority at various organizational levels
  • Provide a tech-based, comprehensive, and community-based solution with the active participation and collaboration of all principals, teachers, planning officers, and DepEd personnel across the Philippines.


As per DepEd Order (DO) 22 series 2012, DO 16 s. 2015, and DO 52 s. 2016, the following are required to register on the DepEd LIS and ensure their learner’s profile is up to date:

  • Elementary and Secondary Schools (both public and private)
  • State universities and colleges (SUCs) and local universities and colleges (LUCs)
  • Higher education institutions (HEI) offering elementary and secondary levels
  • Alternative Learning System (ALS) programs, including Abot-Alam (be it delivered, procured, or partnered by DepEd)

Functional Features

Here are the features users or class advisers can access by utilizing the DepEd LIS portal:

  • Registry of all enrolled learners throughout the Philippines
  • Enrollment and learner details
  • Class management
  • Transfers/movement/un-enrol of learners
  • Accelerate/Promotion/Graduation of learners
  • Alternative Learning System

DepEd LIS Dashboard

With the DepEd LIS, users or class advisers can sign in to the portal and access its services. Once successfully logged in, the user/class adviser will see the introductory page of the portal or the LIS Dashboard. On this page, the following tabs will appear:

  • Masterlist
  • List of Classes
  • School Forms

deped LIS dashboard

List of Classes

Under this tab, users/class advisers can check the list of classes and the total of enrolled learners per class in a school year. It also allows users to arrange and create a new class or section per grade/year level before the school year starts by clicking the List of Classes tab on the LIS Dashboard. From there, users can view or create a class/section. Select the school year you want to check to see the List of Classes per grade/year level, and the total enrolment will appear.

Enrolment of Learners

Aside from that, this facility allows users/class advisers to enroll learners individually or by batch/class, which is accessible under the “List of Classes” tab. The DepEd LIS also enables users to enroll students from the previous school year through the “Masterlist” tab. It’s also applicable for enrolling new learners/transferees from other schools using their Learner Reference Number (LRN). If the student doesn’t have a record on the LIS database, create a New Record to register and proceed with the enrollment.

learner reference number in deped LIS

Users/class advisers can also use the LIS portal to enroll accelerated learners or Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) passers under the “Masterlist” tab. The LIS portal also has a function wherein users can unenroll or remove a learner mistakenly enrolled in a class or transferred to a different section.


Updating Enrolment Status of Learners

Another function the LIS portal offers is Updating the Enrolment Status of Learners or End of School Year (EOSY) Updating. Users can utilize this feature at the end of every school year where they can perform the following:

  • Update enrolment status by class
  • Class Finalization of EOSY Updates
  • Reversion of Finalized EOST Updates

Masterlist of Learners

Also known as the School Register, the Masterlist tab contains the list of learners every school year or by grade and section. On the Masterlist page, users/class advisers can search, register, and enroll learners one by one or by class through the batch enrolment facility.

lis master list deped

School Forms

The School Forms tab contains different reports, such as:

  • Form 1 – School Register
  • Form 4 – Monthly Report on Learner Movement & Attendance
  • Form 5 – Report on Promotion and Level of Proficiency

School Forms in LIS DepEd

New Updates

Apart from that, the DepEd LIS has added new features, including:

  • Unique Track included in the Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS)
  • Updating of Ethnicity for IP learners facility (based on the updated list)
  • Inclusion of Current and Permanent Addresses for ALS learners
  • Acceptance of 12 minimum characters for Household ID No for 4Ps recipients
  • EBEIS with BOSY (Beginning of School Year) School Profile Updating facility

Video: New Features of DepEd LIS System

For more details on DepEd LIS, watch the video below:

As discussed in the video, the DepEd LIS has added new features to the online portal. Users can now use the Integration of NAT and Learner’s Quarterly Grades. The updated features also have a user guide and reminders about the new facility. However, some users cannot access the recently added updates, such as public Senior High Schools, all private schools, kindergarten, SPED Program, and learners with enrolment issues. Hence, users should check the announcements on DepEd LIS to learn more about future updates and available features.


As the world becomes even more digitalized, the Philippine government utilizes the DepEd Learner Information System (LIS) to provide a historical but effective solution to create a comprehensive learner’s record. It streamlines teachers’ work and the sharing of student’s records. Additionally, the DepEd LIS makes it easy to process enrolment and create class records accessible throughout the country. Therefore, we advise eligible users from public and private educational institutions, including ALS programs, to take advantage of the DepEd LIS.

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