How to Register/Manage Accounts on DepEd LIS

As the world evolves, traditional processes change to keep up with modern times. Likewise, education continues to advance, and the number of learners is increasing. However, there is a lack of educators in the Philippines, which significantly affects the education system. That’s why the Department of Education (DepEd) introduced the Learning Information System (LIS) to help address the shortage of teachers in the country. But how do you access this system? To find out, read on as we share how to register and manage accounts on DepEd LIS.

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The DepEd LIS is an online portal equipped with functional features and a systematic facility that modernizes the work of school personnel. It facilitates the enrolment of learners throughout the country and helps class advisers manage their student’s records. With the DepEd LIS, school heads and administrators can manage their personnel and designate classes in their user accounts. Therefore, the DepEd LIS will benefit school, district, and division office personnel, making their jobs easier through digitalization.

How to Register/Manage Accounts on DepEd LIS

About DepEd LIS

In 2012, DepEd launched the Learner Information System (LIS) to streamline the registration and enrolment of learners in all public and private schools in the Philippines, as well as state/local universities and colleges (SLUCs) and Alternative Learning System (ALS). It’s an online facility educational institutions use to efficiently organize, manage, and digitalize the enrolment process in the country. With the LIS portal, users can access the registry of learners enrolled in DepEd-licensed schools in the country.

Users can also use it to check students’ information, manage classes/sections, and transfer, move, or unenroll learners. The facility also allows acceleration, promotion, and graduation of learners, including finalizing class records. Furthermore, the DepEd LIS promotes transparency and offers a comprehensive solution to the community, facilitating communication and information dissemination between DepEd and school personnel. It also helps DepEd to determine the total/actual number of enrolled learners every school year.


According to DepEd’s policy, the following educational institutions can apply to the LIS portal to give access to their teaching and non-teaching personnel:

  • Elementary and Secondary Schools (public and private)
  • State universities and colleges (SUCs) and local universities and colleges (LUCs)
  • Higher education institutions (HEI) with elementary and secondary levels
  • Alternative Learning System (ALS) programs, including Abot-Alam (whether DepEd-delivered, partnered, or procured)

Thus, school heads and class advisers can utilize the LIS portal to register, enroll, correct, and update learners’ academic records.

How to Register/Set up an Account on DepEd LIS

Log in and out of LIS

Qualified users of the LIS portal can access the online portal through this link. Input your username and password and click the “Sign In” button. Before starting, an institution may use similar account details as the Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS). In this case, the system will direct them to “Account” Check.”

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

Account Check

If using the LIS portal for the first time, get the login credentials from the school or educational institution where you work. You’ll use the default school user account to enter the LIS portal. Once logged in, the user must change the default password. Then, input a new password and tap the “Update” button. On the Account Check Update Personnel Record page, click the “Complete Personnel Record.” Fill out the required user identification details and tap the “Save” button.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

After updating your account, a confirmation login will appear. To proceed, tap the “Continue” button, and the system will direct you to the main page of DepEd LIS.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

However, reset the password if the user cannot log in to the default school user account due to an invalid password or username. To do so, class advisers should inform the school head or designated System Admin and request a password reset. After logging in, you’ll see the LIS dashboard and its components, including Masterlist, List of Classes, and School Forms.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

How to Manage Accounts on DepEd LIS

My Account

Follow the steps below to manage an account in the DepEd LIS portal for the Division/School Level:

1. On the User Accounts Management System page, tap “My Accounts” and update your personnel record.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

2. Next, change your default or current password. Under Security, click the password link and enter your Old Password. Create a New Password and re-enter it in the designated box. Then, tap the “Change Password” button to save the changes.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

3. Under the Profile section, tap the View Detailed link to update personal details

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

Add New Personnel Record

Users must first retrieve their personnel records and link them to their accounts to access the system applications. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. On the main page, tap the Administration tab to add a new personnel record.

2. Tap the Add Personnel link to display the Search & Add Personnel page.


How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

3. Search personnel by name to identify if they have records in the database. If there is no record, choose the specific record on the personnel, update the personnel data, and tap Save Updates. If the record does not exist, input a new personnel record and tap the “Create” button to complete the record.

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View & Search Users

On the Administration page, you can search, view, and edit the user profile of a school, district, and division personnel by following these steps:

1. Input the data of a specific personnel name or username in the search box. Tap the drop-down list to use the applicable search parameter.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

2. You can also view a list of all users or search for a user in a district or school. Select the office/location on the drop-down list of the Find Personnel section. Next, input the school name or ID and tap Find.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

3. Then, a link will appear with the list of users of a specified school/district or the username/personnel name.

Edit/Change Other Users Personnel Profile, Username, & Password

To edit or update the user profile of personnel, follow these steps:

1. Click the Administration tab to recover personnel records or to update a user account.

2. To view the User Profile of specific personnel, tap the folder icon on the right side of their name. Then, the profile of the chosen user will appear in the window.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

3. Tap the “Update” button to edit personal data, reset the password, or lock the account to block the user from accessing the school record (for personnel separated or transferred to another school).

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

4. Double-check the details provided and tap the “Save Updates” button.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

Set up an Administrator Account

Follow the steps below to set up an Administrator account for the division level to manage user accounts of division and district personnel, including school heads:

1. Click the Administration tab to set up an Administrator account.

2. Choose the division office, district, or school to add an account.

3. On the System Admin section, tap the “Add” button.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

4. Next, search and select the personnel to assign as the System Admin.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

Assign/Remove School Head Account

Before assigning a school head to personnel, you must create a record in the LIS portal by adding a new personnel.

1. Click the Administration tab and choose the school of assignment.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

2. On the School Head/representative section, tap the “Set” button.

3. Next, search personnel to assign for the role of school head.

4. Choose personnel from the list. If a record does not exist, input personnel data and tap Create to save the record as the school head role.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

5. After successfully assigning the admin role, the personnel name will appear below the list of System Admin.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

These steps also apply to designating a school head with multiple school assignments. But before performing any work, users with many assignments must choose the school from the drop-down list when logging into the LIS portal.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

If removing personnel assigned as a head/representative of a specific school, tap the drop-down menu to choose the school from the list of schools. Afterward, tap the remove icon under the School Head/representative section, and the “Non-assigned” will appear.

How to RegisterManage Accounts on DepEd LIS

Video: LIS personnel account

As discussed in the video, those with administration roles can use the DepEd LIS portal to set up user accounts by logging in to the admin or school personnel account. Once logged in, the user should go to the Administration page by clicking the option on the drop-down menu below their username. From there, click the list of all personnel link to view its content and edit or update their profile data.

 Additionally, providing an account to each personnel or class adviser prevents them from accessing the list of all classes. They can only access the class/section assigned to their account. Accounts assigned to the school head or administrator can also reset the account from the previous username and change the password. Hence, learning how to manage or set up accounts in the DepEd LIS portal is essential.


While first-time users may have trouble using the DepEd Learner Information System (LIS), they only need to familiarize themselves with the basics for a smooth experience. The DepEd LIS has an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard, which is learnable by frequent use. Moreover, personnel can access their accounts by getting their login details from the institution where they’re working since the admin/school head will be the one to set up their accounts. Thus, teaching and non-teaching staff from public and private schools, including ALS, should use the DepEd LIS to make their work efficient.

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