List of Attached Agencies under DepEd

The government agency in charge of guaranteeing basic education access, promoting equity in its delivery, and enhancing its quality is the Department of Education (DepEd). It is the principal organization in charge of overseeing and managing the Philippine basic education system.

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The ECCD Council, NBDB, NCCT, National Museum, and PHSA are agencies that the DepEd has partnered with to support and uphold every Filipino’s right to a high-quality, equitable, culturally-based, and comprehensive basic education in which students are educated in a setting that is child-friendly, gender-sensitive, secure, and stimulating.

List of Attached Agencies under DepEd

List of Attached Agencies under DepEd

DepEd collaborates with the following agencies to organize educational policies, plans, and programs:

Early Childhood Care And Development Council (ECCD Council)

DepEd partners with the following agencies to organize policies and programs:

Early Childhood Care And Development Council (ECCD Council)

The principal organization responsible for putting the government’s National ECCD System into practice is the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Council. All programs and services related to health, nutrition, early education, and social assistance for children ages 0 to 4 have been incorporated into the National ECCD System.

The Department of Education’s numerous ECCD programs are coordinated, supported, and promoted by the ECCD Council. Their collaboration is centered on the whole development of students while taking into consideration their distinct needs and sociocultural background. This promotes the delivery of integrated and supplemental services for cultural activities, early childhood education, health care, nutrition, and sanitation.

Contact Number: (02) 8571 6833; (02) 8571 6590; (02) 8571 8041; (02) 8571 4615
Email Address:;

National Book Development Board (NBDB)

The National Book Development Board (NBDB), which was established by law, is primarily responsible for developing and implementing a National Book Policy and a corresponding National Book Development Plan that is intended to improve the book publishing industry.

The NBDB is the main force behind creating an environment that encourages reading and writing and helps the book publishing industry expand to become more globally competitive.

Through the collaborative efforts of DepEd and NBDB, the book publishing industry will continue to grow, and reading and writing literacy will be supported for all ages through a variety of training programs, book fairs, and reading campaigns. Also, an adequate and easily accessible supply of high-quality books will be provided for students.

Contact Number: 920-9853; 9293677
Email Address:

National Council For Children’s Television (NCCT)

The “Children’s Television Act of 1997,” also known as the National Council for Children’s Television (NCCT), is a government agency that oversees the implementation of the Act and other laws and regulations about children’s broadcast programming. It also encourages the creation and broadcasting of educational television.

The NCCT develops policies and plans for educational children’s and suitable for children programming, supports the creation of these programs by managing the National Endowment Fund for Children’s Television and recommending measures to Congress for the provision of incentives, keeps an eye on children’s television programming that is aired during child viewing hours and takes appropriate action, such as disseminating information and recommending courses of action to the relevant regulatory agencies.

With the collaboration of NCCT and DepEd, they provide excellent content that students can watch at home in their free time.

Contact Number: (02) 8529-5189; (02) 8529-5473
Email Address:

National Museum

The National Museum, an educational, scientific, and cultural organization run by the government, collects, records, conserves, displays, and encourages scholarly research and public appreciation of artwork, specimens, and historical and cultural artifacts that are representative of the Philippines’ natural history and distinctive cultural legacy.

The National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of Anthropology, and National Museum of Fine Arts are all run by the National Museum and are housed in the National Museum Complex in Manila. Also, the organization runs branch museums across the country.

DepEd-affiliated institutions plan student field trips to the National Museum. The field trip contributes to the students’ learning more about Philippine history, artwork, animals, and among other subjects.

Contact Number: (+632) 8298-1100
Email Address:

Philippine High School For The Arts (PHSA)

The Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA) offers a standard secondary curriculum that is combined with an arts-specific curriculum. It seeks to produce cultural leaders for the dynamic evolution of Philippine arts and culture and safeguarding the environment. It works hard to develop the potential of its young art scholars as future cultural leaders with a patriotic perspective and is dedicated to the preservation and development of the creative and cultural traditions of the Philippines.

When implementing policies and programs related to the arts, the DepEd and the attached agency – PHSA, consult with the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). Five arts concentration courses are available at the institution: Theater Arts, Creative Writing, Visual Arts, Dance, and Music. PHSA offers general education curricula by DepEd guidelines, even while students specialize in certain arts fields.

The PHSA also provides students with opportunities for cultural awareness, which will help them grow as an artist. The young artists at this special residential high school, shaped by their experiences living independently and blending with peers, cultivate an attitude of independence balanced with a spirit of cooperation as they create art together.

Contact Number: (049) 572-2974 / (049) 572-2973
Email Address:

Video: ECCDC Checklist: Parent and Classroom Observation

The Early Childhood Care And Development Council (ECCD Council) is one of the attached agencies under DepEd. Watch the ECCD Council’s instructional video below for guidance regarding how to administer the Child’s Record 2 to ECCD Checklist users, specifically about child observation and parent interviews.

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