Daily Lesson Log: A Comprehensive Guide for Educators

Organizing lesson plans helps teachers by providing a structured framework for teaching, ensuring all necessary topics are covered, giving way for effective time management, and facilitating easy reference and revision. This is also the reason why DepEd mandated the use of Daily Lesson Log or DLL. This new tool for teachers not only helps for preparing lesson plans, but also helps in tracking student progress and adjusting teaching strategies accordingly. 

This comprehensive tool provides educators with a systematic approach to lesson planning, promoting effective teaching practices and enhancing student learning outcomes. 

deped dll daily lesson log

What is the DepEd DLL? 

The Daily Lesson Log (DLL) program is a meticulously designed framework for assisting teachers in planning and executing their daily lessons and activities. This DepEd program has gained recognition for its ability to provide educators with a clear roadmap for aligning their teaching with curriculum standards and educational objectives. By outlining key components such as objectives, activities, assessments, and resources for each lesson, the DLL empowers teachers to create coherent and engaging learning experiences for their students.


  • The DLL provides teachers with a structured template for organizing their lesson plans, ensuring that instructional objectives are clearly defined and instructional activities are logically sequenced.
  • By facilitating detailed lesson planning, the DLL enables teachers to deliver instruction in a more systematic and effective manner, thereby enhancing teaching quality and student engagement.
  • Engaging in the process of creating and implementing daily lesson plans using the DLL encourages teachers to reflect on their instructional practices, assess student learning outcomes, and make data-driven adjustments to improve teaching effectiveness.
  • The DLL ensures that lesson plans are aligned with curriculum frameworks and educational standards, helping teachers meet instructional requirements and ensure coherence across grade levels and subject areas.
  • The DLL serves as a comprehensive record of lesson plans, activities, assessments, and resources, providing teachers with a means of documentation and accountability for their instructional practices.


  • You must possess a teaching license or certification.
  • Must be proficient in curriculum development. 
  • Experience in lesson planning.
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development.
  • Adaptability to new methodologies and technologies.


  • Clearly defined objectives or learning outcomes for each lesson.
  • Detailed instructional strategies and activities aligned with educational standards.
  • Materials and resources necessary for lesson implementation.
  • Assessment methods to evaluate student learning.

How to Make a Daily Lesson Log

Step 1: Gather Curriculum Guides

Collect the curriculum guides for the subjects you teach. These guides outline the topics to be covered and the corresponding learning competencies.

Step 2: Plan Lessons

Break down the curriculum guides into daily lessons. Determine the objectives, content, teaching strategies, and assessment methods for each lesson.

Step 3: Format the Log

Use a standard template recommended by DepEd or create your own format. Include fields for the date, subject, grade level, lesson objectives, content, teaching strategies, and assessment methods. Refer to the official template introduced by DepEd. 

Step 4: Include References

List the references or materials you will use for each lesson, such as textbooks, worksheets, and multimedia resources.

Step 5: Consider Learning Styles and Differentiation

Ensure that your lessons cater to different learning styles and abilities of your students.

Step 6: Align with Standards

Make sure that your lessons align with the learning competencies and standards set by DepEd for your grade level and subject.

Step 6: Review and Revise

Before implementing the lessons, review your DLL to check for coherence, alignment, and completeness. Revise as necessary based on feedback or reflection.

Step 7: Implement and Reflect

Execute the lessons according to your DLL. Reflect on the effectiveness of each lesson and make adjustments as needed for future iterations.

Step 8: Assess Student Learning

Use the assessment methods outlined in your DLL to gauge student understanding and mastery of the lesson objectives.

Step 9: Document and Evaluate

Keep records of your DLLs and student assessments for documentation and evaluation purposes. Use this data to track student progress and inform instructional decisions.

Important Steps

Step 1: Training and Familiarization

Participate in training workshops or professional development sessions to familiarize yourself with the principles and guidelines of the DLL program.

Step 2: Lesson Planning

Utilize the knowledge and skills gained from training to create detailed lesson plans using the DLL format, ensuring alignment with curriculum standards and educational objectives.

Step 3: Review and Approval

You must submit lesson plans to relevant authorities, such as school administrators or curriculum coordinators, for review and approval. Reviewers assess the alignment of lesson plans with curriculum standards and educational objectives, providing feedback for revisions if necessary.

Step 4: Implementation

Once approved, you can now implement the DLL program in their classrooms, following the approved lesson plans and continuously monitoring student progress and adjusting lesson plans as needed based on feedback and assessment data.

Step 5: Evaluation and Reflection

You must engage in ongoing evaluation and reflection to assess the effectiveness of their instructional practices, identify areas for improvement, and make adjustments to lesson plans accordingly.

Collaboration with colleagues may also be encouraged to share insights and best practices for enhancing teaching quality.

Video: Paano Gumawa ng Daily Lesson Plan at Daily Lesson Log

This video is a guide on how to make an actual DLP or DLL as a Teacher. Nowadays, making lesson plans for students is more meticulous, since you need to be organized better than before. This DepEd new guideline for better teaching process is not only for teachers, but also for students who will absorb all the well-planned lessons. 


The Daily Lesson Log program serves as an dependable tool for educators seeking to enhance their teaching effectiveness and promote student learning. Through its structured approach to lesson planning, the DLL empowers teachers to create engaging, coherent, and standards-aligned lessons that cater to the most of the needs of students. While participation in the DLL program requires meeting specific qualifications and requirements, the benefits it offers in terms of enhancing organization, teaching effectiveness, and accountability make it really worthy. 

Access the Full DepEd DLL memo here – https://www.deped.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/DO_s2016_042.pdf

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