DepEd Order 19: Organizational Structure Staffing of Public Senior High Schools (SHS)

The enactment of the Enhanced Basic Education Act (Republic Act 10533) in 2013 restructured the education system in the Philippines, adding two more years known as Senior High School Grade 11 and Grade 12. As a result, educational institutions in the country revised everything, from their curriculum to organizational structure and staff management. Due to this, the Department of Education issued the DepEd Order 19 to provide comprehensive guidelines and standards to all public senior high schools in the country.

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In this policy, DepEd enclosed guidelines and procedures about organizational structure and staffing of public senior high schools. It covers the hiring and appointment of teaching and non-teaching personnel, including the Youth Formation Coordinators. Furthermore, DepEd Order 19 provides a detailed selection, promotion, and appointment process for school heads and assistant principals. Thus, all stakeholders should enact the enclosed guidelines in this policy.

DepEd Order 19 Guidelines of the Structures and Staffing Patterns

What is DepEd Order 19

On April 6, 2016, the Department of Education (DepEd) promulgated the DepEd Order (DO) 19, series (s.) 2016, titled the “Guidelines on the Organizational Structures and Staffing Patterns of Stand-alone and Integrated Public Senior High Schools (SHS).” This policy aims to provide extensive guidelines, standards, and procedures to educational institutions, detailing the organizational structures and staffing patterns of various types of public Senior High Schools.

It will also define the roles and functions of teaching and non-teaching school staff. Hence, the DepEd central and field offices and other stakeholders will use the organizational structures, staffing patterns, and procedures enclosed in this guide. Implementing this DepEd order will guarantee that the governance and management of public senior high schools are in line with the quality standards of DepEd, resulting in the provision of enhanced basic education.


The DepEd Order 19 enclosed policy guidelines apply to the following:

  • Organizational structure and staffing patterns of stand-alone and integrated public senior high schools
  • Hiring and appointing teaching staff in public senior high schools as per DO 3, s. 2016
  • Hiring, appointment, and promotion of non-teaching positions for SY 2016-2017, including Youth Formation Coordinators
  • Selection, promotion, and designation of school heads for SY 20162017, including Assistant Principals

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Guidelines on the Organizational Structures and Staffing Patterns of Stand-alone and Integrated Public Senior High Schools (SHS)

A. Classification/Typology of Schools

Since schools and learners have different needs and contexts, typology is the primary basis for organizational structures and staffing patterns. Senior High Schools may implement an Integrated or Stand-Alone SHS. Moreover, the classification of Senior High Schools will depend on the school size and projected enrollment data, as shown in the criteria below:

DepEd Order 19

Meanwhile, for the first two years ensuring the implementation of the school’s SHS program, the Schools Division Office (SDO) will conduct an annual reevaluation of its school size. The SDO will reevaluate the school size every three (3) years once the first two years passed.

B. Organizational Structures and Staffing Patterns of Stand-alone and Integrated Senior High Schools (SHS)

The following images contain the organizational structures and staffing patterns of Stand-Alone and Integrated Senior High Schools (SHS):

C. General Functions of Senior High School Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

The images below contain the general functions of Senior High School Teaching and Non-Teaching staff as per DepEd Order 19:

SHS Principal

DepEd Order 19

Assistant SHS Principal for Academics

DepEd Order 19

Assistant SHS Principal for Operations and Learner Support

DepEd Order 19

SHS Academic Group

DepEd Order 19

SHS Operations and Learner Support Group 

DepEd Order 19

DepEd Order 19

D. Hiring and Selection of Staff

Under the DepEd Order 19, the department imposes that the hiring, appointment, and promotion process of non-teaching staff and Youth Formation Coordinators should begin as per DO 66, s. 2007. The hiring and selection of staff should also follow the approved staffing pattern per typology as specified in this order. Additionally, hire and appoint the Project Development Officers as Youth Formation Coordinators. The number of appointees will depend on the division size.

DepEd Order 19

Meanwhile, the selection process of School Principals/Heads and Assistant Principals should conform to the provisions of DO 42, s. 2007, and approved staffing pattern per school typology enclosed in this policy. Schools should hire and appoint permanent staff who will perform the functions of ICT Coordinator, Librarian, and Sports Coordinator. Also, School Principals may utilize the MOOE to outsource additional Messengerial, Utility, and Security personnel.

The image below (Enclosure #2) shows qualification standards for non-teaching staff.

DepEd Order 19

To select the school head/principal and assistant principal, follow the criteria and conditions below:

  •  The policy prioritizes the hiring of principals for Stand-Alone Senior High Schools.
  • The existing school head/principal of the Junior High School should take the same role for Integrated SHS.
  • Applicants who meet the minimum QS for Secondary School Principal II (Senior High School) are the only ones considered for the position of Principal for Stand-Alone SHS.
  • The Schools Division Office should recategorize Stand-Alone SHS principals into Secondary School Principal III or IV as per DO 97, s. 2011.
  • Assistant Secondary School Principals are hired and appointed as Assistant SHS Principals for Academics or Assistant SHS Principals for Operations and Learner Support. On the other hand, head teachers can be hired or appointed as Assistant Secondary School Principal if there are no qualified applicants.

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E. Appointment and Designation of Staff

Under DepEd Order 19, non-teaching items should be division-specific, instructing Schools Division Superintendents (SDS) to be flexible in moving personnel from one school to another based on the contexts and needs of each educational institution. Additionally, all senior high schools should follow the enclosed staffing patterns in this policy. The principal in SHS Subject Group Heads should appoint a specialized Master Teacher. The school head or principal should also designate the function to staff members for positions without permanent staffing based on their competencies.

DepEd Order 19 Full PDF Memo Download

To download the complete memorandum of DepEd Order No. 19, series of 2016, please visit the Department of Education’s official website. For ease of access, a direct link is provided below:

Stay updated with the latest DepEd orders and memoranda by regularly visiting their website or subscribing to their official social media channels.


 As stated in the video, aspiring Senior High school teachers should meet the qualifications imposed by DepEd, such as regular applicants and unit earners who completed secondary education in different majors. However, applicants should know their group of skills before applying for a teaching position in senior high schools based on their majors. Thus, teachers should be familiar with the guidelines on the DepEd Order 19 to determine if they meet the criteria and standards for public Senior High schools.


In summary, the DepEd Order 19, series 2016, will guide educational institutions in their organizational structure and staffing patterns for senior high schools. This policy can also help institutions determine the roles and functions of their personnel, whether teaching or non-teaching staff. The DepEd Order 19 also emphasizes the importance of typology in considering the classification of schools.

Aside from hiring teachers, this policy provides guidelines for hiring and appointing school heads/principals and assistant principals. The policy also states that schools can utilize their MOOE to hire and appoint permanent or additional staff to enact other essential functions, from librarian and ICT coordinator to messenger and security personnel. Therefore, implementing the policy guidelines in this order will facilitate staffing in DepEd schools and other educational institutions.

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