National Book Development Board (NBDB) Philippines

The NBDB was founded after a long-running dispute that began in the halls of Congress over ten (10) years ago, among legislators who had a common goal of democratizing the supply of educational materials to public schools and avoiding the imposition of tariffs and taxes to foster the growth of the Philippine book publishing industry. Republic Act No. 8047, which established the National Book Development Board—also known as the “Board”—placed it under the administrative direction of the Office of the President.

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The Department of Education oversees NBDB, an organization of the Philippine government. Its primary function was to support the ongoing growth of the book publishing industry in the Philippines, involving the private sector to the fullest extent possible. The operational strategies of NBDB include institutionalized research and data collection, public campaigns, investment and trade promotion efforts, and grassroots capacity-building projects.

NBDB’s main responsibility is to create and carry out a National Book Policy and a corresponding National Book Development Plan. Also, NBDB helps the creative industry publish more high-caliber books.

National Book development board nbdb philippines

Projects and Programs

The following programs are carried out by NBDB to encourage the creation of original content:

National Book Development Trust Fund

The purpose of the National Book Development Trust Fund is to encourage Filipino writing. As stated in Republic Act No. 8047, also known as the “Book Publishing Industry Development Act,” it supports the ongoing growth of the book publishing sector throughout the country. Given that authorship is one of the most important components of book publication, the national book policy mandates that the State create a vibrant and encouraging environment for the advancement of Filipino writing and other creative operations in book development.

Publication Grant

First Publication Grants are provided by NBDB to Filipino publishers and authors. The program offers grants for all stages involved in the publication of books written by Filipinos for a worldwide readership, as publication alone can be expensive. The grant, which covers costs for copy editing, layout, design, and printing of freshly generated manuscripts and/or research papers, amounts to 1.6 million pesos to the qualified grantee.

Writers Night

This is a celebration of all Filipino writers throughout the country, and numerous writing awards are given out.

Through industry rivalry, NBDB supports product excellence and innovation among publishers.

Book Fairs and Festivals

Book fairs and festivals are held for publishers who make books in the Philippines.

Fiscal Incentives

Publishers who import raw materials to produce publications of superior quality are allowed to utilize it.

Gintong Aklat Awards

It is awarded to excellent book publishers, taking into consideration the caliber of books they consistently publish. It takes place every two years. The Awards aim to acknowledge and promote the publication of high-caliber books that excel in every facet of bookmaking. Particular categories for appreciation would be content (writing and editing), book design, and book production (printing, binding, etc.).

National Book Awards

The Manila Critics’ Circle (MCC) and the NBDB are the sponsors of this literary award. It honors the most recognized books that are created, illustrated, and released in the Philippines. It is noteworthy that the award is not a manuscript contest, but rather a significant and nonreligious literary prize in the Philippines.

National Children’s Book Awards

The National Children’s Book Awards honor the top books in Philippine children’s literature and are given out every other year by the NBDB in collaboration with the Philippine Board on Books for Young People. Not only is it the very first national award of its type, but it also honors the best children’s books published in the country—both fiction and nonfiction.

Through book contributions and programs that support the establishment of libraries and reading centers in provinces all over the country, NBDB connects with young Filipino readers.

Filipino Readercon

It’s an intimate get-together of diverse individuals who are united by a strong passion for reading and literature.

Little Lit Fest

It’s a children’s literature festival. It encourages children to participate in the event and be young authors.

Philippine International Literary Festival

It is a literary festival created to bring together readers, authors, and professionals in the field to talk about problems confronting the book industry.

Read Aloud Series

It is an imaginative storytelling event that celebrities participate in.

Reading Campaign

It is a celebrity-led reading campaign encouraging individuals to develop the habit of reading.

Reading Series

It is a small-scale literary event including pieces penned by professionals who are dedicated to getting their work published.

World Book and Copyright Day

It’s a day to honor writers, literature, and copyright awareness.

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The National Book Development Board (NBDB) encourages and supports Filipinos to pursue professions as self-publishing writers. To learn how to register as an author or writer on NBDB, see the YouTube video by AnakniRizal – Tales of Demi below.

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