About DepEd Partnerships Database System (DPDS)

When it comes to helping public schools improve their facilities and overall service to students, everyone can contribute, such as both the private and public sectors. To aid partners in terms of assisting schools nationwide, the Information and Communications Technology Service and the External Partnerships Service joined together to come up with a cost-effective system for the consolidation of assistance and resources.

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The continued support from these private and public sector partners aids in resolving the issues in public schools in the Philippines while keeping up with the growing need for more classrooms and educational materials. By simply signing up and creating an account in the database, all concerned parties can conveniently get information and requirements in one place. Read further to know what the DPDS is exactly for and how it benefits schools and learners.

DepEd Partnerships Database System

What Is the DepEd Partnerships Database System?

The Department of Education Partnerships Database System or DepEd DPDS is an internet-based portal that is designed to unify assistance programs and aid from the private and public sectors. This project is in partnership with DepEd to help public schools across the country. The online system was developed by the EPS with the help of the ICTS to ensure a seamless interface.

Two of the main things that this online system does is collecting and reporting information regarding external donations and partnerships for all public schools. It strategically addresses resource gaps while supporting quality basic education for all grade levels. In fact, DepEd DPDS is also included in the DepEd Partnerships and Advocacy Portal or DPAP.

Who Is DepEd DPDS For?

The DepEd DPDS is designed for private and public sector partners who want to contribute to the delivery of excellent basic education to public schools. Those who want to donate or partner with DepEd for projects or programs that will benefit all learners nationwide can simply register an account on the database system and encode their contribution using the school ID number to ensure seamless data collection and reporting.

The most common benefactors or partners are:

  • Institutions
  • Families
  • Companies
  • Community residents
  • Concerned individuals who want to partake in DepEd’s initiatives and projects to improve and maintain school facilities across the country

Some of the well-known DepEd partners include:

  • AMA Education System
  • Alaska Milk Corp.

These school external partnerships are profiled and reported on the database for easy partner navigation and uploading of PDS or other documents.

What Is the Purpose of DepEd DPDS?

The purpose of the DepEd Partnerships Database System is to:

  • Collect data on any partnership engagements involved in different levels of administration.
  • For reporting and profiling of contributors that want to work on certain projects.

With this improved partnership system, they can manage potential partnerships in a more efficient way for better collaboration. As a result, the partners and the school can effectively reach an agreement through openness and transparency for an informed partnership.

Registered users can browse through the reports and search for certain information such as the:

  • Partner Name
  • Contribution Type
  • Partner Type
  • Quarter
  • Year

Every school has a unique six-digit reference number in the basic education system. As an online system for data collection and reporting, particularly donations from sector partners, DPDS ensures accurate data reporting that is real-time and seamless at the same time.

How to Sign Up for DepEd DPDS

Schools can create a user account in DepEd DPDS by coordinating with the Division IT Officer. For Regional EPS, it’s best to ask for assistance from the Regional IT Officer. Once you have created an account, go to this link: https://partnershipsdatabase.deped.gov.ph/# to log in using your email address and password.

Step 1: Click on the Partnerships Database link on your computer.

Step 2: Enter your nominated email address and password.

Step 3: Read and understand the Data Privacy Notice pop-up on the screen.

Step 4: Once you’re logged in, you can then upload or search for the data you need in the portal.

In case you forget your nominated password or username in the database system during log-in, the person to ask for assistance is also the Division EPS or the Division IT Officer to resolve the issue. Likewise, Regional EPS should coordinate with the Regional IT Officer to recover your password and username.

In addition to that, if you encounter problems when uploading PDS, you can download the template, and then encode your contribution on the online system. Make sure to encode your School ID/Number and don’t just copy and paste the information to prevent errors from happening during the upload.

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Video: Orientation on the Use of DepEd Partnerships Database System

In this video, you can watch the 3-hour online orientation for the DepEd Partnerships Database System, complete with all the important details that you need to learn. It includes details regarding the definition, purpose, features, benefits, and procedure on how to use the online portal for all registered users in all schools nationwide. Make sure to watch until the end to know the key updates on the enhanced DPDS implementation for sector partners and public schools involved.


At this point, you should have learned how to sign up or log in to the DepEd Partnerships Database System with this simple guide. The DPDS contains reports and other important data on all partner resources and collaboration projects between the sector partners and the schools in the Philippines. The EPS continues to develop effective management systems for DepEd local partnerships with the help of concerned offices.

The implementation of the DPDS aims to provide a seamless and real-time database system to meet the objectives of the department in terms of strengthening stakeholder engagements. With easily accessible data on school partnerships, it’s more manageable for DepEd and its benefactors to manage resources and donations for public schools nationwide. Just sign in with your active email address and password to access information on the online portal.

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