DepEd Order 43: Omnibus Travel Guidelines for All Personnel of the Department of Education

As an executive agency of the Philippine government, the Department of Education (DepEd) ensures Filipino learners can access fair and quality basic education by providing various programs and projects. In addition, it’s the primary agency mandated to supervise and control the country’s basic education system. Hence, the department issued DepEd Order 43 to ensure the utilization of public funds with utmost diligence by avoiding unnecessary, irregular, excessive, extravagant, and unethical expenses.

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 Signed by Vice President and Secretary Sara Z. Duterte, the DepEd Order 43 encompasses guidelines and requirements for authorized official travel of all DepEd personnel, whether local or foreign. The same goes for DepEd personnel who want to seek approval for personal travel. Apart from that, the order contains the expenses and approving authority for offices, schools, and attached agencies where DepEd officials and personnel can request authorization to travel.

deped order 43 omnibus travel guidelines of deped personnel

What is DepEd Order 43

On October 10, 2022, the Department of Education (DepEd) issued the DepEd Order (DO) 43, series (s.) 2022, titled the “Omnibus Travel Guidelines for All Personnel of the Department of Education”. This order encloses the processes and requirements for all travels of DepEd personnel, be it local/foreign or personal/official. Upon issuance of DepEd Order 43, its guidelines and regulations apply to DepEd officials and personnel from all governance levels, offices, and attached agencies, including the allowances and expenses for official or personal travels.

Omnibus Travel Guidelines for All Personnel of the Department of Education

A. Official Travel

Authorized Official Travel

As per the DepEd Order 43, official foreign or local travel won’t be authorized by the department given it fulfills the minimum conditions, including:

 The trip must be highly significant to basic education. If a foreign official travels, the trip’s purpose must comply with a contractual obligation, or a foreign official travels.

  • The trip is critical to an official or employee’s effective performance per their functions or mandate.
  • The trip’s projected expenses are not included in the minimum expenditure or not excessive.
  • The official or employee’s presence is vital in the conference, consultation, meeting, seminar, or other activity.
  • The official or employee’s absence from the Permanent Official Station won’t delay the efficiency of their office operations.
  • The approved Work and Financial Plan of the unit or office must include the incurred expenses for the trip.

Alternatives to Travel

As required by this policy or as much as possible, all officials who have the authority to approve local or foreign travel should minimize their official travel. Thus, the said officials should use various forms of communication, such as teleconferencing and videoconferencing.

Written Justification

To request approval to travel, DepEd officials or employees should submit a written justification to the concerned Approving Authority, explaining how the trip complies with the minimum conditions stated above. If the teaching personnel will undertake the official travel during school days, explain the following in the written justification:

  •  Why undertake the travel during school days
  • What are the expected benefits of travel
  • How the expected benefits compensate for the loss of supervisory or instructional time

Unauthorized Travels

The department won’t issue Travel authorities to the following or even provide government funding for trips:

  •  Private individuals
  • Consultants or engaged with DepEd through contract service, except if they’re required  to travel for the completion or performance of deliverables during highly meritorious circumstances and once they submitted written justification to the Approving Authority

Prohibitions and Conditions

  • The department strictly prohibited all travel junkets, and taking a personal leave after or before an official activity is strongly discouraged.
  • All trips for personal reasons are not allowed, even if disguised as a “goodwill, observation, study tour, workshop, and seminar,” except if performed while on leave of absence.
  • Private individuals, entities, suppliers, and contractors should not indirectly or directly, partially or fully fund the official or personal travel of DepEd officials and personnel with pending requests, applications, or future dealings with schools or any DepEd office.
  • The Approving Authority must guarantee the maintenance of the skeletal workforce in the office or Permanent Official Station. Also, prohibit travels causing the majority of personnel absence.

Reportorial Requirements

With this order, all personnel authorized to travel must submit a travel report to the agency head, which includes discussed issues/matters, recommendations, and procedures, one (1) month after returning to their Permanent Official Station. Meanwhile, personnel who undertake official foreign travels must submit a post-travel report with the following elements:

  •  Brief description and background of the host organization and activity
  • Objectives of the activity
  • Preparations made for the activity
  • Highlight of the activity/participation in the activity
  • Critical inputs/contributions of participants in the activity
  • Merits/benefits gained by the participants, their office, and DepEd and substantive policy recommendations
  • Commitments made or subsequent responsibilities of the participant about the activity/post-travel actions/inter-agency cooperation

 If participating in an international convention or conference where a delegation represents the Philippines, submit a report of the delegation to the Office of the President (OP) via the Department Secretary or equivalent rank within one (1) month after the said activity.

Approving Authority

The photo below shows the Approving Authority for foreign and local official travel of DepEd officials and personnel:

For Foreign Official Travel

DepEd Order 43

For Local Official Travel

DepEd Order 43

B. Personal Travel

Authorized Personal Travel

Under this order, the department will not allow DepEd officials or employees to depart for personal travels unless they have accomplished the required leave forms and secured travel authorization. However, personal local travel should only last three (3) days or less to secure a travel authorization.


Furthermore, officials or employees who want to take scholarships, training, or other relevant activities must inform their head or immediate supervisor before applying for authority to travel.

Approving Authority

The photo below shows the Approving Authority for personal travel of DepEd officials and personnel, whether local or approved:

DepEd Order 43

DepEd Order 43 Full Memo Download

If you want to download the full memo PDF file of DepEd Order No. 21, series of 2024, you can check out the downloadable file link below. direct link on this page. Simply click the download button below and get a copy of DepEd Order 21 in PDF format.

Full PDF DepEd 43 memo file –


Watch the video below to learn more about DepEd Order 43:

As discussed in the video, DepEd Order 43, series 2022, is about the travel guidelines for all personnel of the Department of Education. This order will cause changes in the department as it encloses processes and requirements for all DepEd personnel requesting authority to travel. Moreover, the order contains the Approving Authority per office for those seeking local official or personal travels. Hence, all DepEd personnel should adhere to the guidelines of this order.


With the issuance of DepEd Order 43, all DepEd officials and staff should comply with its guidelines, procedures, prohibitions, conditions, and requirements. This order also applies to DepEd employees and officials in all offices, governance levels, and its attached agencies. Additionally, the order enclosed the travel expenses of DepEd personnel, from their trip fees, transportation, clothing, daily allowance, and other travel-related costs. Therefore, DepEd officials and personnel from all offices should be aware and understand the travel guidelines enclosed in DepEd Order 43, series 2022.

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